Maxmise battery usage between charges

One of the most frequent question among Galaxy S3 users. Tips to get a full day out of fully charged GS3 . Try a combination which you are comfortable to suit your usage
  1. Power safe mode
    This should be the first thing to try. Can be easily enable and disable via notification bar
  2. Screen brightness
    Enable automatic brightness or reduce brightness to a comfortable level. Also set the colour profile "Screen mode" to Standard
  3. Turn off Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth
    Enable these features when you need to use them, since enabling them consume a lot of power, so use wisely
  4. Wallpaper
    Use darker wallpaper has it consume less power than brighter and lighter background. Also avoid using live wall paper as they consume more power.
  5. Widget
    Manage widget wisely -  the more widget you run, the more power you consume.  Uninstall widget that you do not use.
  6. Screen time out
    Set screen time out between 15 - 30 seconds is ideal
  7. Close app running in the background
    When you exit an app, the app is still running in the background. Periodically go to the task manager and close all the apps
  8. Close built-in apps
    Disable unused bundle apps like ChatOn, S Voice and Hub
  9. Disable motion sensor
    Disable motion feature like Smart alert, Direct call etc can reduce power consumption
  10. Manage auto-sync
    Auto sync feature in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter tend to consume power.  So by reducing or disabling auto-sync can save power.
    You can also try Flipboard app which combines News, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram in one app, rather than having 4 apps running in the background.
If all fails, then you always have the option of buying a spare battery

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