Jelly bean - Other features

Adaptive Keyboard
New adaptive keyboard which you can start just by typing a word or two and the os directory makes an educated guess on what next would be and offer them as an option you have started typing next few words.

Inclusion of 18 new languages
This is a great feature which is really going to be useful to all users as new languages are going to be there in the new OS and the gesture support will surely be helpful for the blind users to use the Android smart phone conveniently with Jelly Bean 4.1.

Offline voice typing
This voice dictation jelly bean feature doesn’t need internet connectivity (offline voice typing) currently this feature is available in English language. This feature is really going to be very useful in location where there is limited internet connectivity

Jelly Bean camera app
Swipe to see all photos and pinch to shrink the gallery in a film strip. This feature helps navigate images quickly

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