Android Jelly Bean Updated Samsung Galaxy S3

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Project Butter
Swiping function is very smooth and snappy

Google Now
Google Now displays cards with information such as appointment, directions and traffic status. Other additions were restaurant, stocks and news cards based on the users location and search history. Google Now function will learn over time, therefore it will take time before you will enjoy the full function.
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Notification Bar
First thing you will notice that notification review will be bigger providing you with more information.  You can also expand and collapse notification. On the notification, there is also certain additional function that will open other apps.

You will also notice that the setting button has been moved to the upper right corner.

Menu Button
By pressing down the menu button, you will open the recent app menu.  Here you will realize that there now 3 options menu at the bottom - task manager, google now and delete the recent app list.

Resizable Widgets
This features has been improved to give more resizable options.  Now when you resize widget, now widget will automatically reposition themselves to make room for each other.

Home Screen Mode
Basic Mode - This mode is the original screen and the same earlier ICS.
Easy Mode - New mode, which simple layout, larger widget with access to favorite apps and settings.
You can interchange between mode settings with ease, as your previous home screen settings will be saved by the device.

Blocking mode
This feature allows disable incoming calls and notification.  And you can also set to receive incoming call from selected contacts.

What's missing?
1) Soft on-screen button

2)  Favorite Apps Tray
We are not able to create folder in the favorite app tray, a nice feature that is available in the Nexus devices
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